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Bengal E Gram is a user friendly way to request and track ambulances close to you


India's first, GPS based technology platform for fast and reliable first point medical attention. With an increasing emphasis on promoting independent living today, having access to the nearest ambulance to you can provide much needed peace of mind in a worst case scenario.

Know What You Need

ALS (Advanced Life Support)

ALS ambulance is staffed by a Paramedic and is used to transport patients who require high level of care, cardiac monitor and/or a ventilator during transport. It is an I.C.U on wheels.

BLS (Basic Life Support)

BLS Ambulance provides transport to patients who are non ambulatory, bed confined, do not require cardiac monitoring and are in a non-life threatening condition.

Patient Transport

Patient Transport ambulance is the most basic type of transport available to patients requiring ambulatory support for their healthcare appoints, or for admission to and discharge from hospital.


Mortuary Van/Ambulance helps in the transportation of a deceased patient from one place to another.



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We provide a platform to help you find health solutions that are convenient and useful enough to continue for a longer time.

Basic Ambulance

These types of ambulances are the basic ambulances that we commonly see in our daily lives.

Basic ambulances are handled by an emergency medical technician (EMT) and transport patients who require basic medical supervision under minor or uncritical situations such as mild fractures, and sub-acute care facilities (nursing homes). It comprises of the patient bed, pulse oximetry and oxygen delivery devices.

Advance Ambulance

Advance ambulances are equipped with advanced equipment and tools to handle critically ill patients. They are also equipped with an ECG monitor, defibrillator, intravenous and blood drawing tools, etc.

Patients who require a high level of care and who are fighting for life need services like hospital emergency department or critical care unit need advance ambulance services. Patients suffering from serious life-threatening causalities and cardiac emergencies are transported with advanced life support ambulances.

Mortuary Ambulance

A mortuary ambulance is used for transportation of the dead body from any place. It is also called as Hearse Van.

Mortuary vans carry the body of the dead person in a freezer box. Medically trained staff make sure that all the necessary provisions are taken while transporting the physical remains of a person. They maintain the safety guidelines before transporting the dead person to the desired place and preserving the body until they receive their last rites.

Neonatal Ambulance

Neonatal ambulance services aimed at reducing neonatal mortality rates.

Neonatal ambulances transport premature and sick babies to specialized care hospitals which can provide the right kind of treatment and care to infants. They are equipped with incubators for new-borns or premature babies.

Air Ambulance

Air ambulances use air transportation by airplane or helicopter to transport patients to and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes. Air ambulances transport patients to specialist care, they can also bring specialist care to the accident scene, especially for major trauma cases.

They are mainly used for international or long-distance transport. Air medical services provide fast and swift transport during emergencies. They can reach wide or hilly areas in less time, they are more accessible than land ambulances. This makes them very efficient in sparsely populated rural regions.





+91 9635852496